Heat Wave

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By Joe Sebastiani, Seasonal Program Team Leader

If we could send a cool breeze through your computer screen this week, we would.  Nature is adapting to the hot conditions outdoors at Ashland these days through a number of means.  For instance, I took a quick walk by a small creek yesterday and spooked up a huge number of Gray Catbirds and American Robins that were bathing and taking advantage of the cooler micro-climate.  If you see a bird in your yard on a hot day, take a look…it might be panting like a dog.  Other animals like White-tailed Deer and Red Fox become very nocturnal.  Birds like a Red-tailed Hawk might take a flight into high altitudes to cool off. 

Here are a few photos from a colder season to help you deal with the heat this week.  I will still take summertime!

Delaware Nature Society Teen Naturalists after a hike to The Pinnacle in the Pennsylvania Appalachian Mountains a few years back.


Remember the days when we had to snowshoe in order to take a hike at Ashland?


Maybe you are wishing you were freezing in Nebraska...like we did on our trip there in March, 2009.


How about a December birding trip to the Delaware City Waterfront, complete with sideways icicles?