Coverdale Farm Preserve

Rare American chestnut discovered at Coverdale Farm Preserve

Ian Stewart, Matt Bailey and Joe Sebastiani Last week an accidental discovery brought the Delaware Nature Society a link with a past that few of us had known. Bret Lanan, a knowledgeable deer hunter exploring an obscure corner of our Coverdale Farm Preserve in Greenville alerted Dave Pro, the DNS Land Steward, to what he …

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Backyard invaders

Ian Stewart & Lori Athey Now that spring is here many Delawareans are enjoying the colorful wildflowers blooming in their backyard, local parks and road sides. Unfortunately, the great majority of those currently flowering are alien weeds which were either deliberately or accidentally introduced by Europeans. These plants found themselves in a new environment with …

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Fall Tree Planting

By Shannon Giordano, Public Relations & Social Media Coordinator Fall is a prime time for planting trees, and Delaware Nature Society has planted quite a few in the last three weeks. Planting trees in the fall can be the best time because the trees are going dormant for the winter and the ground is often very …

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