New Year’s Plant Count

By Joe Sebastiani, Seasonal Program Team Leader Photos by David Smith; Plant Information by Janet Ebert Birders have their Christmas Bird Counts.  Lepidopterists have their 4th of July Butterfly Count.  Astronomers have their Star Parties.  Herpetologists have their reptile round-ups and calling frog surveys.  Why should botanists miss out on the fun! This is why …

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Nottingham Serpentine Barrens

By:  Joe Sebastiani, Seasonal Program Team Leader  The title sounds exotic, doesn’t it?  Nottingham…are we going to the U.K?  Serpentine…sounds like there are lots of snakes.  I thought there were no snakes in Great Britain.  Oh, sorry, that’s Ireland.  Barrens?  What is that?  Sounds depressing and empty.   Last week I co-led the above field trip with …

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