Ashland iNaturalist Contest Winner for July!

Delaware Nature Society started the summer iNaturalist contest on June 1 to encourage folks to visit Ashland Nature Center and use the iNaturalist app or website to record their observations. These observations are automatically pulled into the Ashland Nature Center Biodiversity iNaturalist project, where we catalogue plants and animals that observers report. For more details, read our blog announcing the summer contest.

Congratulations to the July winner: David Brown (iNaturalist userid: davidebrownpa ); with106 observations of 90 species. As the winner, David will receive an Ashland Nature Center baseball cap. David’s favorite picture was of these two Blue Grosbeaks up on Hawk Watch Hill.

The below picture shows the 21 observers that submitted 267 observations of 162 different species in July. The observations submitted this July is a really big increase in observations submitted for the same month in 2020 with 30 species and 2019 with 60 species.

During the month of July observers submitted:

  • 141 Insect observations
  • 54 Plant observations
  • 53 Bird observations
  • 7 Mammal observations
  • 4 Fungi observations
  • 3 Amphibian observations
  • 2 Arachnid observations
  • 1 Reptile observation
  • 1 Arthropod observation
  • 1 Mollusk observation

In July, 52 new species were added to the Ashland Nature Center Biodiversity Project for the first time. This is exciting as it expands the knowledge of biodiversity at Ashland Nature Center.

A picture containing tree, light

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Points on the above map represent individual observations submitted to iNaturalist at Ashland Nature Center during the month of July.

Thank you to all observers that participated in July. If you were not able to participate in July, consider getting out to visit Ashland Nature Center in August and submit your observations to the Ashland Nature Center Biodiversity iNaturalist project. Come to Ashland during August, enter sightings into iNaturalist, and perhaps you will be our August winner!

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