6 comments on “Observe those Osage oranges!

  1. You might have mentioned the nasty thorns. Also, if you think on burning this wood, the heat produced from dry Osage orange wood has qualities often compared to coal. However, the wood actually burns so hot you can easily damage a wood stove if you’re not careful and it makes showers of sparks when you open the stove door or stoke an open fire, as in a fire place. It should be cut and split while it is still green.

  2. I briefly mentioned the thorns as these help to make them such good fence rows. You’re right to warn people about the thorns though, years ago I punctured my bicycle tire when cycling beneath one and found a big Osage thorn in it! Interesting point about burning the wood, I didn’t know about that. Thanks!

  3. I remember my Forestry professor telling us the old saying for Osage Orange was “Horse high and hog tight” because a horse can’t jump over it and a hog won’t go through it because of those thorns. I found a reference to the saying that includes “bull strong” in middle. I guess a bull won’t push through there, either.

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