3 comments on “Crazy About Catbirds!

  1. Thank you, Ian. I find them to be very entertaining as well as they cavort around my yard.

  2. Catbirds are rather docile and are not known to rob nests or kill other birds. There are some species that will kill other birds to take over a nest box, namely European House Sparrows. Other species eat other birds young and eggs, such as Blue Jays or American Crows. Nature has strange ways! European House Sparrows are a big problem for birds that nest in bird boxes, however. They will peck another adult bird to death in order to usurp their nest. They are an introduced species that our native birds never had to contend with prior to humans bringing them to North America. As such, they are not protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and people are allowed to control them legally. Same goes for European Starlings. Catbirds, on the other hand, are quite docile. Several pair are likely to coexist together in close proximity.

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