Signs of Spring: Take the Challenge!

By Derek Stoner, Seasonal Program Coordinator

A Wood Frog makes its way down to the marsh at Ashland on March 1, 2011.  What day will they emerge this year?
A Wood Frog makes its way down to the marsh at Ashland on March 1, 2011. What day will they emerge this year?

Spring officially begins today–  Friday, March 20th.  The weather outside may still not look like Spring, but the season has been pushing the envelope recently as Winter slowly relinquishes its grip and gives way to the inevitable arrival of true Signs of Spring:  the plants and animals that we count on as true signals of the changing season.

Just in the past week at Ashland Nature Center, keen observers have noted emerging Skunk Cabbage, Groundhogs running about, and Snowdrops in full bloom.   With warmer temperatures and rain in the future forecast, the big movement of amphibians to the wetland habitats will get underway.

To preview photos of Signs of Spring that are on the way, we invite you to view this video.

The twenty plants and animals shown in the video are the unique Signs of Spring selected to be part of our fifth annual Delaware Nature Society Signs of Spring Challenge.  Wherever you are this Spring, keep an eye out for these interesting sights and make a note of when you first observe them outdoors.  See how quickly you can tally up the full twenty!  Will it take you through the month of May or will you find them all by the end of April?  Only time will tell, and you can share this challenge with your fellow naturalists and family members.

To participate, click here:   Signs of Spring Challenge 2015

Download and print this form to keep track of your observations this Spring.  The challenge is free and just for fun– and you are the winner since you’ll be enjoying a more rewarding experience afield this Spring.

Please photograph and document the Signs of Spring that you see and share them with us by email at .  We will post a collection of the best photographs and stories from Spring 2015 in a follow-up post at the conclusion of the Spring season.

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  1. Thanks, Derek. Water Fowl trip was great – learned so much. Never paid any attention or realized that so many beautiful Ducks were vying for a spot in our waterways!

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