Coverdale Farm Happenings

By Evan Gruber, Coverdale Farm Steward

There are two new additions to the herd at Coverdale Farm, calves from two local farms have arrived for the next 6 -8 weeks and are being kept in the newly constructed calf yard. A brown Jersey calf is on loan from Woodside Farm Creamery in Hockessin Delaware, and a black and white Holstein calf is from Old Stone Farm in Lewisville Pennsylvania. Both are bull calves that will eventually be castrated (which make them steer) and raised for meat. They are each fed two gallons of milk per day, and in their time here they will drink around 115 gallons each! They also have free choice grain and hay to eat once they are old enough for solid food.

Jersey Calf
Jersey Calf.  Image by Derek Stoner.


Holstein Calf
Holstein Calf.  Image by Derek Stoner


I would also like to introduce the newest members of our land management crew, Boer goats! The breed is originally from Africa, and is primarily used for meat production. These particular goats come from a background where they were handled quite a bit, so they are very comfortable around people and enjoy their head getting scratched, or to be fed some clover from the other side of the fence. Their diet consists of whatever weeds are growing in the pasture, they get no extra grain or feed. A goat’s eating habits are more similar to a deer than to a sheep or cow, they prefer woody plants and broadleaf weeds which makes them perfect for their main purpose on the farm, which is keeping the cow pasture weed free. A cow’s diet is typically around 90% grasses and clovers, and 10% brush, a goats diet is around 30%grasses and 70% brush, this makes them perfect for eating anything the cows miss. This helps the farm staff because we have to mow less often, as well as reducing how often we need to string trim under the fences.

New Coverdale Staff Member
New Coverdale Staff Member.  Image by Derek Stoner

Come visit the new members of the farm on a Farm Fun Day; Wednesday afternoons 12:00 – 2:30pm, and every 3rd Saturday 8:00 – 11:00am.

Attend a Farm Fun Day and see who is new on the farm!
Attend a Farm Fun Day and see who is new on the farm!

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