2 comments on “The Once and Future King (of the forest)?

  1. i know you are in milford…i am wondering what species of chesnuts are in rockford park in wilmington…perhaps 3 or 4 of them near the top of the sledding hill steps and across the park road toward rockford tower on the woods edge…definitely chesnuts….prickley casings opened and the squirrels have their banquet…sure they are not american chestnuts…look healthy….thanks…maybe the hockessin dns folks would know if you don’t ??

  2. Mary Lou: There are certainly small American Chestnut sprouts and some small trees left in northern Delaware forests. I come across them sometimes. Apparently, they bear fruit when they are stressed from disease. I knew of one tree in nearby PA that was about 35 feet tall and about 10 inches in diameter at the base. Recently it has died back, but sprouted from the base. If you collect a leaf, we can identify it for you.

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