Monarch Forms a Chrysalis

By Lesley Bensinger: Education Coordinator, Dupont Environmental Education Center

On September 15th the DuPont Environmental Education Center hosted the 3rd annual Monarch Migration Celebration. Visitors came and viewed monarchs in every stage of development, from caterpillar, chrysalis, to adult. Monarchs were tagged with small stickers in order to help scientists from the University of Kansas study their migration to Mexico. To prepare for the celebration, staff have been collecting monarch caterpillars for weeks. I often saw the caterpillars as they prepared for their metamorphosis, but always missed the transformation from caterpillar to chrysalis. That is until Andrea Lane and I set up a digital camera with time lapse capability. Enjoy the video of a DEEC reared monarch. This fella was tagged, released, and is on its way to Mexico. Adios! If you missed the Monarch Migration Celebration there are still several opportunities to interact with these amazing creatures and participate in the National Monarch Watch project. Space is limited and registration is required.  See for more information.
• September 22, 1-3pm: Monarch Migration, Buena Vista
• September 23, 2-4: Monarch Migration, Coverdale Farm Preserve
• September 29, 10-11:30: Wings and Things, Ashland Nature Center

If the video does not show up on your computer, click here to view:

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