Month: July 2012

Delaware Futures Week at DuPont Environmental Education Center

By Lesley Bensinger, Education Coordinator, DuPont Environmental Education Center During the week of June 26th the rising freshman of Delaware Futures joined DNS at the DuPont Environmental Education Center (DEEC) for a week-long marsh restoration experience.  Delaware Futures helps at-risk, economically disadvantaged youth develop the social, academic, and problem solving skills they need to qualify …

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Butterfly Counting Time!

By Sheila Vincent, Group Programs Coordinator This Sunday, July 22, a team from the Delaware Nature Society will take part in the North American Butterfly Association’s Fourth of July Butterfly Count.  I have happily been participating in this “citizen science” program for over 10 years, helping to build up a picture of butterfly populations across …

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Eels part 2: Growing Up

By Jason Beale, Manager, Abbott’s Mill Nature Center On June 4th DEEC Manager, John Harrod, posted a blog on American Eel elvers.  Elvers, defined as being less than 6″ long, mature into “yellow eels” as they grow and work their way up freshwater streams like Johnson’s Branch at Abbott’s Mill Nature Center.  Eels are catadromous …

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