8 comments on “Wood Ducks: Splendid Spring Arrival

  1. Wow, great shots and such wonderful information!!! I didn’t even know that wood ducks left and so neat to know that it’s time for them to return. Great stuff, thanks so much, Ben.

  2. Great pics Derek!

    Phoebe sightings yet?

    Black wiskered vireos are now singing but fairly hard to see- will send pics if able to get some.

    Enjoy spring

  3. Derek,

    My Denver sister’s reply after I forwarded your posting:
    “fabulous pictures; what kind of camera does he use?”
    Can you share the camera details?

    thanks, Barb

  4. Barb-

    The camera setup that I use is a Nikon D300s (12 megapixels) paired with a 80mm to 400mm telephoto lens. This is a DSLR camera setup, where you can use different lenses depending upon your photography objective. The reason I use this particular camera combo is for its overall versatility when photography wildlife. The camera is always ready to go and up to the many challenges of photographing action in the outdoors.

    – Derek

  5. Rosemary-

    Wood Ducks are already showing up all over southern Delaware and the rest of the region. In fact, with this mild winter we just experienced, some Wood Ducks spent the winter the First State. Great places to see Wood Ducks in southern Delaware include the Boardwalk Trail at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge and the Finis Pool area at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge. Good luck watching Wood Ducks!

    – Derek

  6. Ben-

    As you have probably noticed, Wood Ducks may be observed in certain locations (especially in southern Delaware) throughout the winter in the region. As long we do not have extended periods of iced-over conditions, a few hardy Wood Ducks will stick it out for the winter in Delaware. In fact, on the Christmas Bird Count this New Year’s Day at Prime Hook, I counted 27 Wood Ducks flying over a marsh just after dawn. Now it is time for these ducks to start being more visible as they conduct their courtship displays.

    – Derek

  7. Bill-

    Phoebes are just starting to be reported in Delaware, but none yet observed at Ashland. Should be soon!

    Glad you enjoyed the photos. Thanks for reading the blog as always.

    – Derek

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