6 comments on “How to Count a Million Blackbirds!

  1. I moved here a number of years ago from the North Jersey Shore, right by Sandy Hook, not a bad birding area. But since moving to Hockessin, I have been amazed by the blackbird flocks. I am often up at dawn and can stand outside for the longest time and the flow of birds from East to West doesn’t stop. I love seeing it!

  2. Lorraine-

    Thanks for sharing your blackbird observations. Many people recently have been commenting on the blackbird flock phenomenon in this region. It is an incredible avian show to witness and one all nature lovers can appreciate.

    – Derek Stoner

  3. All I can say is WOW! We have seen the large flocks of birds this week in the Dover/Milford area. It is truly amazing. Thanks for this very interesting post! (even if my eyes did glaze over at all the math 😉

  4. We’ve lived in Landenberg for 8 years now and these migrating flocks are fascinating! We never tire of watching them over head. In fact, I would say that we hear them before we see them (also awe invoking). I had no idea that these were flocks of red-winged blackbirds, so thank you for posting this!

  5. Becky-

    The blackbird calculation took me about one hour total to complete. I’d always wanted to try counting our flocks of wintering blackbirds, and this method appealed to me the most as photography captures best what our own eyes cannot process. Carefully counting hundreds of birds in each photo frame, and using a good bit of math made for a fun challenge!

    – Derek

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