Getting Outdoors With Brian Winslow

By Brian Winslow, Executive Director

I would like to introduce myself.  I am Brian Winslow, the new Executive Director of the Delaware Nature Society.  In the coming months I will be touring the Nature Society’s sites and facilities as I learn more about the programs and activities.  So I thought it would be a good idea to post a blog about some of my visits in the coming months.  Some of the sites might be familiar to you, but maybe you haven’t visited them in awhile and others may be entirely new to you.

After my first week on the job, I decided to take a hike at Ashland Nature Center on Saturday, January 7th.   It was 55 degrees with partly cloudy skies.  On my drive over, I was pleased to see how many people were out enjoying the weather with full parking areas at Brandywine State Park and Woodlawn.  The roads were full of bikers as well (I wish I had brought my bike instead of cross country skis!).  When I arrived at Ashland there were many hikers there as well as a cub scout troop. 

Brian Winslow stands on Hawk Watch Hill at Ashland Nature Center. Brian is the new Executive Director of the Delaware Nature Society.

Hiking the Tree Top Trail was beautiful with great views of the Red Clay valley afforded only in winter with the leaves off the trees.  My favorite spot was where the trail goes between two large Tulip Poplar trees, almost as if a grand entrance to the mature woods.  On top of Hawk Watch Hill I met a young man, Sean, who had come up to watch the sun set and moon rise.  What a great place for panoramic views, bird watching and just relaxing!

A short distance down the trail I met former director Mike Riska with his wife enjoying the good weather.  I feel so fortunate to follow Mike as Director and I am grateful for all the amazing things he has done in growing the Delaware Nature Society to what it is today.  Seeing so many people outdoors hiking, biking, relaxing and learning affirms my belief in the value of open spaces, parks and scenic by-ways.  It was a great end to my first week here and a great beginning to continuing the good work of the Delaware Nature Society.

6 thoughts on “Getting Outdoors With Brian Winslow”

  1. Welcome Brian,

    We are looking forward to meeting you down here in southern Delaware at Abbott’s Mill.

    Kay Greene

  2. Welcome Brian! I have enjoyed reading the posts by the Delaware Nature Society and look forward to reading yours! Abbott’s Mill Nature Center is one of my favorite places in Milford. I teach watercolor journaling and find it a very inspiring place to bring my students. Now I hope to learn more about the places you visit and find more reason to enjoy what Delaware has to offer!

  3. Bethanie Delfunt

    Welcome Brian to DNS! You have joined a great group of people! I’m sorry that I missed meeting you at the pizza lunch at DEEC this past week. I am a teacher-naturalist at Ashland, DEEC and Coverdale and look forward to meeting you in person!


  4. Welcome, Brian.

    I am looking forward to meeting you. Enioy the beauty of the Red Clay Creek valley.

    Dan Barbato
    Red Clay Technical Monitor

  5. Welcome Brian. Hope you are settling in. See you out on the Ashland and DEEC trails.

    – Kar (DEEC teacher/naturalist)

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