Community Supported Agriculture at Coverdale Farm

By Daniel Malcolm, Community Supported Agriculture Farm Manager:

We recently wrapped up the second growing season of the community supported agriculture program at Coverdale Farm. With two seasons now under our belt we can now look back and see the progress we’ve made.

June crop in the CSA farm field. Photo by Ashley Malcolm

The CSA farm membership was 160 this year and the land under cultivation was approximately 6 acres. We grew hundreds of varieties of vegetables and harvested well over 30,000 pounds (all without the help of synthetic amendments). There were five terrific seasonal farm employees who helped plant, weed, and harvest all the crops. Each Monday and Thursday we would be out in the field by 6:30am to begin harvesting for the shareholders, and by 11am were ready to distribute the freshly harvested and washed vegetables.  Our shareholders are a terrific bunch and through weekly pickups and farm events their support has been truly sustaining.

The hoophouse was a new addition in 2011. The added heat and protection allowed us to harvest our first tomatoes June 20! Photo Ashley Malcolm

Registration for CSA is limited for 2012 so if you’re interested in registering, contact Fiona to get on the waitlist (302) 239-2334 x. 134.

An abundant August half share. Photo Ashley Malcolm

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