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  1. Dell:

    Wind turbines, especially onshore turbines, have the potential to negatively impact wildlife, specifically birds and bats. Placement of wind turbines in migratory routes are detrimental and should be avoided. In order to better understand the impacts to birds and bats, the University of Delaware is undergoing an intense two year study, which will assess the mortality risk of birds and bats around the turbine. The study is led by UD Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology researchers Jeffrey Buler and Gregory Shriver. A complementary project at the wind turbine that focuses solely on bats is being conducted by an expert at Delaware State University. The UD project began March 1, with spring and fall sampling periods focusing on birds and bats migrating through the area and summer and winter periods on resident bird and bat flight activity. For additional information, please feel free to contact Brenna Goggin @ brenna@delawarenaturesociety.org

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