Signs of Spring: Week 2

By Derek Stoner, Conservation Project Coordinator


The first Wood Frog egg masses of the season are now gracing the Ashland Marsh, as of March 7, 2011. Image by Derek Stoner.

The Wood Frogs are breeding!  On Sunday night(March 6), after a long day of rain and temperatures in the upper 50’s, Wood Frogs emerged en masse and hopped their way to the marsh, ponds, and puddles at Ashland.This morning, March 7, Sarah Stapley ventured down to the marsh and discovered the first egg masses are laid and in plain view along the boardwalk.   I visited the spot with my camera and counted 23 egg masses, and at least 20 Wood Frogs in sight.  The males are loudly calling, sounding like chuckling ducks. 

Also emerging Sunday night were the first American Toads of the season.  These toads may not likely start breeding right away, as they prefer warmer temperatures for their egg-laying activities.

And yet another Sign of Spring was spotted the day before,  March 5, when  Bethanie Delfunt’s group spotted two Garter Snakes slithering around near the Ashland Marsh.

So what Sign will be next?   What Signs of Spring are you seeing around your yard or local natural area?

Signs of Spring Contest Update:

Week 2:  Groundhog(Feb. 28), Snapping Turtle(March 1), Garter Snake(March 5) American Toad(March 6).

Week 3(so far): Wood Frog egg masses.

After 3 weeks, 8 Signs of Spring out of 20 have been observed at Ashland. 

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