Hawks Like Wawa Too

By Joe Sebastiani, Seasonal Program Team Leader

This Red-shouldered Hawk was found in Wilmington eating something from Wawa that was spicy, toasted, and had Swiss cheese. Photo by Jill Constantine.

I am a big fan of Wawa.  My car tends to automatically veer towards these fine convenience stores.  Free ATM, good coffee, fast service…how can you beat that?  Until this week, I didn’t know hawks were also Wawa devotees.  I’ve seen gulls, crows, starlings, grackles, and House Sparrows eating Wawa products, but not a hawk.  That is why I was amused to see this fine portrait of a handsome Red-shouldered Hawk feasting a fast-food sandwich.  It is a good reminder not to throw food out on the roadside…animals get hit by cars coming to eat refuse.

Jill Constantine, a regular reader of The Nature of Delaware, has seen this bird hanging out in Brookmeade II neighborhood in Wilmington for the last few weeks.  On February 22, she came across the hawk feasting on a Wawa product and was able to snap this photograph.  According to Jill, the bird was reluctant to fly from its meal, which enabled her to get close.  Eventually the bird took off and it took the sandwich with it. 

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