2 comments on “Backyard Birding in Winter

  1. Ya know, Joe, I was just thinking last night as the stinkbugs were flying around in my living room who would eat them? There are no known predators, right? I have four cats, all of whom enjoy an occasional rodent, insect, etc., but they will not go near them!
    Keep us posted as to who will as I would gladly collect & distribute!
    Thanks for the ebird site as plan to count the birds i have been seeing…….Owls are a back hooting & Kingfishers are around.
    Thanks for the helpful info as always!

  2. Our Carolina Wrens do eat stinkbugs, much to my surprise. I first noticed last summer when we were just overrun with them (Lanc. Co.). Even today I watched one having a go at a dead stink bug on our deck. I don’t think it’s a first choice meal, though!

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