Month: November 2010

Mammals at Isaacs-Greene Preserve

By Jason Beale, Manager, Abbott’s Mill Nature Center I set out to the Delaware Nature Society’s newest natural area, the Isaacs-Greene Preserve, with the intention of getting some photos of deer scrapes and rubs to write about their annual breeding season, the  rut.  However, as it often happens in nature, other discoveries present themselves as …

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Blue Crabs – Unexpected Visitors

By John Harrod, Manager, DuPont Environmental Education Center Over the summer and last weekend at WildFest, Blue Crabs were caught in the DuPont Environmental Education Center’s freshwater tidal pond. Most visitors were surprised to find crabs here since they are usually associated with brackish (slightly salty) and salt water along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. …

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At Last a Least

By Derek Stoner, Conservation Project Coordinator Not many people keep mammal life lists.  Plenty of folks keep careful records of all the birds, butterflies, dragonflies, or reptiles and amphibians that they observe.  But I suspect that the mammal family gets short shrift from the “listers” out there.   A lot of that reason is because of how difficult it can be to …

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