3 comments on “American Elm Bird Buffet

  1. I just love getting this blog…always so interesting and your photos are outstanding per usual…i wonder about your aphids…do they drop “dew” which usually grows black fungas with ants then arriving for snacktime??

  2. Mary Lou: Thanks for your comments about the blog! As for the aphids, I am not sure what they are doing. They seem to swarm onto the trunk of the tree each fall, but it looks like they die there. There is no black fungus near them, like in the woolly beech aphids. In the meantime, they are food for lots of other insects as well as birds.

  3. You inspired me to go out in the woods today; I saw my first black-throated blue warbler; no confusing that male bird! Have seen four bald eagles in the last two weeks, (or one eagle four timies!), but still no sign of a nest.

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