4 comments on “Teen Naturalist Adirondack Adventure 2010

  1. Looks fun but you don’t necessarily have to got to the Adirondacks. No bears in Hockessin but just 5 minutes ago I had an 8 and a 6 point buck grazing in my side yard. Too dark for a good picture unfortunately even with ISO at 2500.

  2. FANTASTIC! Who would have thought– mountains with an alpine zone within a few hours of New York City! It looks like a fabulous trip through one of my favorite landscapes.

    In the pics about halfway through the show, you have several taken across a lake, looking toward Mt. Marcy. There seem to be a fair number of “bare trees”; is this normal for here, or is there some sort of change agent at work– gypsy moths, acid rain, etc..? I know these trees tend to be stressed already, given their elevation. Any ideas?

  3. Sumner: We didn’t see much in the way of terrible looking fir or spruce trees ravaged by insects, but maybe a little by acid rain. I know it is a problem there. Joe

  4. Another reader emailed me independently with another possible explanation for the dead tree areas. Here it is…”What happens is a tree or small group of trees die for some reason or get blow down. The loss of those trees then exposes adjacent trees to the full severity of the wind and cold of winter. These trees die in turn due to the environmental stress, and a line of dead trees may form over time. We visited Whiteface Mountain (drove up this one!) and from the summit we could see very fine examples of these windrows.”

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