Nature’s Mythbusters

By Sue Bara, Teacher-Naturalist

Eleven hearty campers in the Nature’s Mythbusters camp braved the heat and thunderstorms last week to determine the validity of some common nature myths. Our adventures took us off-trail and into the creeks in our quest for the truth.

"Nature's Mythbusters" set out to "bust" common nature myths like "toads give you warts" and "if you touch a baby bird, the mother will reject it."

Busted: moss always grows on the north side of trees. It does grow there, as well as on the south, east and west sides! So don’t count on it for directions if you’re lost.  And none of the campers were surprised that we did NOT get warts from toads.

Plausible: peppermint oil, hot sauce, and lemon juice seemed to keep the ant away from our picnic food. Yes, I said ant. Only one showed up for our experiment, but he clearly did not like those three things, so we deemed it plausible.

Confirmed: Licking your finger to determine the wind direction proved to be an accurate method, wetlands DO protect towns from flooding, and humans DO affect the environment – in both positive and negative ways. Nature’s Mythbusters made a positive impact by cleaning up the beach area at Battery Park in New Castle.

Testing the wind with homemade windsocks.

But the favorite activity all week proved to be creating volcanoes. After all, it’s just not a true Mythbusters event unless something explodes!

Josh ends up pretty sticky at the end of the week after dropping Mentos into soda.

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  1. I’m interested in doing a “Nature Mythbusters” program this summer and would like some more details of your camp. Thanks.

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