First Wood Frog of the Season!

By Derek Stoner, Conservation Project Coordinator

At 6:51pm this evening, I watched a male Wood Frog springing across Barley Mill Road, headed straight towards the Ashland marsh.

There’s been no shortage of debate and prognostication about the imminent emergence of the Wood Frogs, and Jim White declared earlier this week that the first Wood Frogs of the year would appear here Thursday night.  Bingo!  With an evening temperature of 56 degrees and rain on the way, the conditions are signaling the frogs to head to the wetlands to breed. 

In recent days, Southern Leopard Frogs and Chorus Frogs were heard calling at various Coastal Plain locations.  Up here in the Piedmont, we regard the Wood Frog as the true herp harbinger of spring.  Now the Spring Peepers can’t be far behind! 

The next week should be fantastic for frog-watching.  Stay tuned for more reports from the frog-field.

2 thoughts on “First Wood Frog of the Season!”

  1. Joe Sebastiani

    We heard lots of Spring Peepers over at the Bucktoe Creek Preserve last evening as well, which was the first chorus of the season. No Wood Frogs yet.

  2. Nancy Frederick

    Just for once, our wetland beat your wetland. Our wood frogs were hard at it Tuesday afternoon. They’re very noisy just now. I think all the rain agrees with them.

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