5 comments on “Snow Birds

  1. I saw a carolina wren at my suet feeder this morning and yesterday. I have them every year. They are great to watch. The dark eyed juncos are also a favorite of mine. I’ve noticed less cardinals in my yard this year. Have you noticed this as well?

  2. Joanne: I am seeing quite a few cardinals as of this week. They really came out of the woods to feed at the feeding station here.

  3. so many birds at the feeders this past week…i counted over a dozen cardinals on the back hill late this afternoon…more than last year…i’m in wilm on the b. river

  4. Joanne,
    The cardinals are all out at my house! counted five of them near/under our biggest feeder yesterday.

    I agree with Joe about how “tame” these birds get in bad weather. I went out to top off my feeders this afternoon, with the snow still falling. The juncos, chicadees, titmice and sparrows all just jumped into the nearest bush (just six feet away) and watched as I filled the feeders. As soon as I stepped away, they were back at it! We had a fairly big hawk (cooper’s? sharp-shinned?) standing over one of the feeders today, waiting for breakfast to fly in. He flew off while I went to get my camera 🙁

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