Month: February 2010

Bayberries and Butterbutts

By John Harrod, Manager, DuPont Environmental Education Center Earlier this week, while walking along the Wilmington Riverfront on a relatively warm day in February, I spotted a bird that most people might not expect to see in the city. I wasn’t surprised to see it, though, since the plantings along the Riverfront include northern bayberry (Morella …

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Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

By Joe Sebastiani, Members Program Team Leader Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge is a great place for a weekend getaway, not far from Wilmington near Cambridge, Maryland.  This area is the “Everglades of the Delmarva Peninsula” and offers huge potential for seeing wildlife and outdoor recreation and is about a 2&1/2-hour drive from Wilmington.  On a …

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Icicle Towers, Snow Walls, and Winter Wildlife

by Derek Stoner, Family Program Coordinator The after-effects of back-to-back big snowstorms is still being seen across the region.  Bit by bit, the snow is diminishing and melting away.  Nature’s artistry is evident in the incredible icicle formations dangling from buildings everywhere.  The snowmelt from rooftops is creating some epic icicles, growing longer with each passing day.  …

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