Snow-filled Scenes

By Derek Stoner, Family Programs Coordinator

Snowfall.CoveredBridge.Ashland.12.19.09.derekstonerSleds in hand, these visitors trek to Sledding Hill takes through the Ashland Covered Bridge during the middle of the snowstorm on Saturday, December 19.

Cardinal.LumsPond.12.20.09.derekstonerA bright male Northern Cardinal provides a classic splash of color against a snow-covered bush near Lums Pond State Park.

LumsPond.frozen.12.20.09.derekstonerA frozen Lums Pond sits icy and gray against a blue sky, during the Middletown Christmas Bird Count on Sunday, December 20.

Sunset.DragonRun.12.20.09.derekstonerThe sunset shimmers Sunday against millions of granules of snow at Dragon Run Marsh, looking like the grains of sand on a beach.  

Sunrise.RedClay.12.21.09.derekstonerThe sun rises on Monday at the Red Clay Reservation, illuminating the blue and purple fields of snow.

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