5 comments on “Hummingbirds in Winter?

  1. I’m inspired to put at least one feeder back out. At what temperature does a 4-1 sugar solution freeze?

  2. Sandy-
    The sugar water will freeze at 32 degrees, as it unfortunately does not have the same properties as salt water! The best solution to keeping the feeder from freezing in winter is to simply bring the feeder in at night and put it out in the morning. Labor-intensive, but worth the effort if a hummingbird shows up! – Derek

  3. Joe, Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are in Delaware until about mid-October, when the last of them come through in migration. After that, there is the possibility of attracting a vagrant western hummingbird to your feeder. I usually leave the feeder up until Christmas since the mid-Atlantic region sees at least a few (and sometimes dozens) of Rufous Hummingbirds, so you never know, you might get lucky and have one of these rarities visit your feeder between mid-October and late fall.

  4. We saw a lone straggler Mississippi Kite two weeks ago (October 20th), traipsing directly South, just above our tall Pines here in Columbia, SC. All other MKs left a full month previous. Just wondering – could this loner have been injured and just released? Why might one stray and lag?

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