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  1. The larvae of the Dark-winged Fungus Gnat can be a problem in greenhouses and some other indoor plant collections. If the soil is very moist in potted plants the larvae can eat the roots especially of young plants. There is also some indication that the larvae can spread root fungus in plant collections, The adult gnats can be a nuisance, however do not cause plant damage. The Dark-winged Fungus Gnat rarely causes damage to outside plants.

  2. Oh my gosh. I had these in my driveway and had no idea what they were. My son came across this post and, lo and behold, they are exactly what I found. There were several “lines” of them and one circle. I have pictures, but I took them after I stayed bug killer on them. Oh, well. I live in Pasadena, MD.

  3. I had one of these perfectly round rope looking species at my front door. It appeared to be a braided bracelet but then saw movement. It freaked me out. Our area has had excessive rains & wondered if that was why we saw it appear.

  4. I saw one of these rings recently on a stepping stone in my yard after a rainstorm, and it did look like a bracelet at first–very strange to watch! I checked a half hour later and they were gone. I’m in Howard County Maryland.

  5. Yes wet rainy weather creates perfect conditions for the larvae to move about.

  6. I woke to find several moving masses of these this morning, but even more scary, two circles- right next to each other-each about 8 inches across. I took a picture before scooping them up and disposing of them. I also bleached the whole area. Here’s my thoughts: about six weeks ago I had my entire front yard scraped down and rebuilt with fresh Kentucky Blue Grass sod. We also installed an underground water sprinkler system. I’ve been watering a lot, so the mention in the article that it could be from the insect who love moist fungal conditions could be entirely correct.

  7. Wow Jane. I’m in Oakdale, MN and I just went to take out the trash and found a ring on my walkway. I thought my kiddos drew something. Nope! When I saw it all moving in the light I felt that icky creepy crawly feeling LOL. Oddly, We have a beehive of “bumble bees” under our front steps near the circle.

  8. Saw two rings on my drive way in St cloud mn., spayed with terrow. Never seen any thing like it

  9. We live in Nazareth Pennsylvania and we had a ring as described by all of you of moving little critters in a circle they kept going round and round we did not kill them because we found them to be interesting. We googled and tried to find a source but were unsuccessful so we just let them be The next day they were gone. It’s nice to finally have some kind of answer to what they were.

  10. Just had a ring of these on my patio walkway yesterday! We’re in WNY, outside of Buffalo. No recent rain here that would explain yesterdays sighting. I’m normally very insect friendly and let mother nature do her thing, but these alien creatures had to be disappeared of! I have video if it is something that can be of benefit to tracking where these rooms are being seen. We were thinking of possibly reporting to DEC in case they were some kind of non native invasive species.

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