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  1. Went out to the barn this afternoon and noticed a huge circle of what I first thought were twigs washed/blown up in a huge spiral or circle. Upon closer examination, It was a circle of worms all crawling counterclockwise around an eight or 10 inch diameter bare spot on the ground. The bulk of the ring was about 20 feet in diameter, but there were significant numbers of worms crawling round and round in about a 35 foot diameter circle. The worms appeared to be about 4 to 6 inches long and looked like a common fishing worm – not a nightcrawler.

    I have pictures. “Worms” look like common red worms only are dark gray/brown.

    I googled it but couldn’t find any explanation.

  2. I encountered this today, although not in circle form. I video taped it from my phone. If interested in see the video. Send my an email address

  3. I looked out on the patio this morning, saw what appeared to be two foot long stripes of diarrhea left by a sick possum or cat. A few minutes later, it’s gone, but a couple of odd shaped areas show up not far from it. Closer looks shows they’re teaming with small worms about 3/8’s inch long. They’re in shapes about the size of the palm of your hand, with the whole shape moving.

    Looks like a quick spray of Raid Ant & Roach knocks them out, but what the heck are they?

    A lot of references to gnat larvae tells me I might need to re-spray with bug killer I put down for grubs and hope that gets them.

  4. I noticed a similar moving circle of “somethings” on my patio this morning here in eastern Oklahoma. I’ve never seen anything like it. Creepy! When I googled, this is where it led me. Whew! I too thought maybe we were being invaded. 😉 Thanks for the info.

  5. Noticed bout a 4″ circle this am.
    South end od Toledo Bend Lake, Texas Side, North Newton county Texas.
    Sprayed with roach & spider spray…..killed them

  6. Thanks Nancy -do you have an photos? I am collecting photos of the worms.


  7. Again, these are harmless insects and there is no need to kill them. We encourage people to limit the use of toxic chemicals, and to restrain themselves from using it on things that are harmless, such as these insects described in the blog.

  8. I found the four inch bracelet on my patio this a.m. in south western Pennsylvania. I started to pick it up and it started moving!
    scooped the rope thing up with cardboard and put it into a plastic bag and stomped on it.

  9. Hello, found a circle on my sidewalk this am. About 6″ round. Crawling counterclockwise. I live in Central PA. So weird!

  10. Today on sidewalk at office in Fort Collins, CO. Several of them. Thanks for posting this, we were all perplexed!

  11. I just found a 5 inch circle of these creatures on the cement by my garage door. Location: Near Allentown, PA.

  12. We had a 7 inch circle on our front walk this evening. Ellicott City, MD. Never seen such a thing. Where do they come from??

  13. I seen them for the first time last night and recorder them…. I too thought it was some Alien form email me for the video

  14. I live in MD and thought my daughter dropped a bracelet…it was dark out so I went to pick it up and realized it was slimy and wasn’t a bracelet. I put a light on it and realized it was about a 5″ diameter ring of these worms so I filmed it…it was actually pretty amazing.

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