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  1. Oceanport, NJ – we had 4 circles, approximately 1 ft in diameter and one straight line approx 2 ft. We’ve experienced heavy rains in NJ for the last 2 weeks, its also very humid. First time we’ve ever seen anything like this. The larve were on our concrete patio which is shaded. Unfortunately did not take photos but they looked like the ones posted and were just as weird as described in other posts. BTW, this area was flooded badly for several hours with super storm Sandy, the salt water took havoc on the yards, landscaping.

  2. The circle are not accidenatal. We caught them performing the bizarre ritual tonight in the outhouse at Blackwell Horsecamp in Indiana Hoosier National Forest. We filmed them beginning as a shapeless blob or clump that began to span out into a circle and one already in circle formation. Uncanny their ability to form an almost perfect cirle. As for ‘Alien’ theory… did not almost all lifeforms / DNA make it’s way to Earth via space rocks from exploded planets? We will become their food if we are’nt very careful in our manipulation of the ecosystem. Note: its benn raining heavy almost a week now here… which is not normal here. Just now getting our April showers.

  3. I had this morning a larvae circle in my driveway, I took a picture and made a short video, never seen anything like it.

  4. I came across a short line of these on the sidewalk this morning. I thought I saw what looked like a twig moving and had to take a closer look. I could not believe what I was seeing. I got some pictures. I’m so glad I found this webpage, because it’s been driving me crazy what they could have been. I’m in Wake Forest, NC. I saw a couple of earlier posts from this area as well. It has been raining every day here and very humid.

  5. No need to kill them. They are harmless, and when they pupate into gnats, they will be perfectly good bird food.

  6. I took my dog out this morning and saw something I thought was a slug. After getting a closer look, I realized it was a mass of small worm-like creatures. I am really glad they aren’t “aliens”.
    We have had a lot of rain over the last week just like the other postings.

  7. O my this is exactly what I found today only ours were at the bottom of the brick foundation of our home in a straight line that was about 5 ft. Long it was amazing I thought it was a snake slithering up against the house at first I had never seen anything like it so I got video of it o show my husband and glad I did cause within a matter of an hour they were all gone and it was millions of them just disappeared so now I’m concerned this is a sign of something bad going on in our house

  8. I also saw them today in my driveway that is also shaded,unlike the other stories here it has been very hot her with little rain it was 97 degrees today.I watched them for from a clump of them into the circle it amazed me. Crazy how the circle is almost of a perfect shape. I have been curious all day simce seeing them what they are, very glad to see others with similar stories.

  9. I also saw them in Coon Rapids, Iowa end of June. They were moving in a line from one side of the sidewalk to the other. Amazing. We also had a very rainy spring. The first time they gave me the creeps so I messed up their line and it actually became white. The next day, saw them again. Did not disturb them. Glad to see something written about them. Thanks

  10. OMG!! I found the creepiest moving slimy thing ever on my patio this morning and also yesterday morning. I’m afraid this is going to happen everyday. Tiny worms in a clump, then in a skinny line, constantly moving, I’m not liking it! I am not a bug person, I almost threw up!!

  11. I walked outside and noticed this dark circle where there hadn’t been a circle the day before . On close inspection it turned out to be hundreds of I didn’t know what crawling in a circle , it looked like some sort of dark rope structure. ( Like the previous observer I wanted to throw up , not a worm fan, I may even have trouble eating for the rest of the day) I rushed in the house and grabbed two camera’s , video and still and took some pictures ; oh and a can of bug spray , there was no way I was going to take a chance of these aliens getting in the house. Strangest bug thing I have ever seen . Now I wish I had broken the circle to see if they turned white.

  12. I took several pics this morning of a circle my daughter thought was a hair pony in the driveway near the sidewalk. We have several hundred in a almost perfect circle. yep creaped me out too… I got the willies now.. I had no idea what they were and I don’t want my animals to eat them or get on the kids so I poured lighter fluid on them. Sorry bug lovers!

  13. My mom and I saw a ring of worms on our sidewalk. It was pouring earlier and it has been really humid.

  14. I just saw one of those circles of creepy slimy bugs on the sidewalk in my neighborhood. I couldn’t image what it was. I am so glad I saw this article. I now know what I saw.

  15. I saw these on my driveway in Ohio. There were about 4-5 blobs of worms with a few maggots in it. Nasty!! How long does it take to turn into a gnat? And why are they only on our driveway and not the neighbor’s? Does it mean we have fungus in our grass? It has been hot and humid here.

  16. Cairns, Queensland, Australia: For the past two days they have made circles on my patio. The weather is getting warm here.

  17. Just saw a mass traveling across our brick patio here in Illinois. We had a huge rainstorm this afternoon, now hot and humid. Thought it was a large piece of bark until I looked closely and saw it moving, and then realized it was thousands of little worms on top of each other, moving as one object. The mass, from leader to tail end, about ten inches long, and an inch or so wide. Poked it in the side, confused them a second, then they all got back in the pack. Interesting and disgusting at the same time! So glad to have found this site!

  18. Just saw a circle of them this morning before daylight. I live in central Missouri. It was a very humid and foggy morning. The temp was in the 60’s. The circle was less than a foot accross. So glad I found this sight…..mystery solved.

  19. So I received a call to this ladie’s house in Morris county. She apparently thought these things were aliens! Found these little guys crawling around in a circle on her paver walkway and made a video of it. I knew nothing of them until I googled them and found this link. Very helpful. Thanks a bunch or I’d be wrecking my head trying to figure out what these things were.

  20. on a hot humid morning, I was sweeping the pathway when I found what looked like snake skin. I swept it and discovered that it was a bunch of worms! I was really freaked out but later on, my friends and I decided to study them in our bio lab at school. All previous characteristics mentioned were present apart from the fact that we found them in Southern Africa, Swaziland.

  21. Found a three inch circle of these on my concrete patio early this morning-8/13/14, in Pennsylvania. They were moving in a clockwise direction. Thought it was a ponytail ring at first, until I took a closer look. It rained hard for a day and a half here, ending late last night. They may have washed-up onto my porch. Strange, never saw anything like this before.

  22. Just got back from western New York state. On my friends driveway we saw something moving in a small circle. Looking down closely found to be a group of small worms. I knew it was some type of larvae but I had never seen this phenomenon before. Also in this group was one larger worm than all the others. A maggot type individual. I beleive this on to be the queen. The group was protecting her like bees in a hive. Moments later they all vanished. Fabulous!

  23. Chaz d

    Would you mind giving me your location in PA so I can document your observations. Also did you get any photographs as I am documentng all observations of the “worms”



  24. Just discovered these on the side walk in front of and heading toward my flower bed. Not in circles, but three of them all slithering. Eau claire Wisconsin

  25. We also have had these little masses of worms….last summer in rings, and just this past few weeks everyday we find trails of masses moving on the patio…I’m from Chas W Va.

  26. I saw some of these weird worms today in des Moines, Iowa. They were in a circle. Several others were trying to form a circle. There were bigger white ones in the mass as well. It was gross.

  27. I saw a circle of these small worms in my driveway today(4/17/2015).I didn’t know what they were,but now I do.I sprayed wasp spray on the circle,and it did kill the entire circle.I live in Wilson North Carolina.Sorry no pics.

  28. I am in Raleigh, North Carolina. My sister found your site. Thank goodness. It gave me a creepy, gross feeling. There were 4-5 groups in my driveway. We too had a lot of rain. None were in circles but they were long and moving quickly and constantly. Needless to say, I killed them.

  29. From Fort Worth, Texas, and I saw these long masses in my driveway this morning. When coming back I disrupted one and was surprised at how it responded. Upon looking closer I realized it was a grouping of worms. I am glad I found your post. We have had an unusual amount of rain this Spring, and the temperatures are now in the 80sF.

  30. I found these yesterday in my back yard in south ms, I took pictures and had no idea what they were, almost looked like a baby snake until I got a closer look! Glad to know what they are!

  31. I just saw a large oval shape of these on the concrete outside my front door (between the front porch mat and the brick wall of the house) . I thought it was a small snake at first. I’m in North Georgia and we have had a lot of rain the past few days with temps in the 80’s as well.

  32. I found a circular clump of these worm like things on my patio this morning they quickly formed a circular pattern that moved in a clockwise motion. Very strange.

  33. I live in Blounts Creek NC
    I have had this on my sidewalk for about a week now
    they are in the grass coming to the side walk
    I want them gone how do I kill them and get rid of them for GOOD !,

  34. Saw these on my morning walk a few days ago after a rain. There were 3 separate lines and I thought they were night crawlers until I got up close. They were all crawling across the road in straight lines however.

  35. I am so glad I found this blog! I am 61 yrs old and have never seen what I just saw on our blacktop driveway! At first I thought it was rope that was unraveling because the one end was thicker. It was about 5 ft long. When I took a closer look I realized it was MOVING and that it was millions of tiny white worms! Like some of the

  36. other comments, I felt like throwing up! So I began to research and it took awhile to find this blog but I believe this is what I saw! Relieved to know what it was!

  37. I started see the lines of bugs 6/16/2015. We have had lots of rain, now it’s getting humid 80-90 degrees. We do have trouble with mushrooms from a tree that recently fell last year. I’m very sorry but I’m killing them, I used salt. They are coming into my house.

  38. My husband saw a circle of these yesterday on our sidewalk that goes through the lawn. He thought it was a rope and kicked it then realized it was moving. The circle had been disrupted before we took photos but I will email them to you. We love in northern Indiana and had heavy rains throughout the month of June, followed by about four sunny days and temps in the 80s. I always associate circles with any type of fungus, so I’m inclined to think that since they feed On Fungus there is something underground in a circle that they began feeding on, and then kept up the circle in a follow-the-leader fashion as it moved along. Ours was also moving in a clockwise direction. Seems they are usually seen on concrete but maybe they are just more visible to us there. Thanks for the info!

  39. I’m in Winston-Salem, N.C. We have had lots of rain for the last 10 days and just recently the weather turned sunny and humid. I was picking up sticks in the front yard and saw something move. Bending down I saw it was a mass of tiny whitish worms. I took a picture and a video, then scooped some them into a ziplock bag. I hoped to show them to someone for identification. Glad to find this posting.
    So they are gnats. You know, once a summer I have seen a ‘cloud’ of gnats in my front yard. They were very localized, like a 6 foot cloud of them. I could see them when the sun slanted just right. They would be gone in a couple hours. Now I wonder if the gnats came from these things.
    I noticed from the comments and their dates above, it seem that the deep south sees them first, then mid south, moving on up. Perhaps as the weather warms in these locations?

  40. Just a follow up: When I saw the worms in my yard yesterday ( BTW the yard is on a hill that faces North and in which we have some moss and mushrooms), they looked like a long rope on the move. Reading these posts, I marveled at the stories of seeing circles of worms. I just want to report that the worms I had scooped into a ziplock yesterday have formed circles within the bag.

  41. My husband and I saw this same thing in our sidewalk yesterday morning. Creepy as all get out! I hate bugs. I didn’t kill them. Should I have done so? We had all of the same weather conditions as described above. Does anyone know much about the gnats? I’m creeped out now!

  42. I saw these at 6am this morning in Cincinnati, Ohio. It hasn’t rained in days, but I did water the lawn last night.
    Thought this blob with a tail was a cat puke hairball at first as it was gleaming in my headlamp while walking my dogs.
    Great website blog. This answered my “WTF are these” immediately.

  43. Well, we saw this here in Maharashtra, India! Again, like so many have written, we had never seen or heard of anything like it. They were in a circle at first, then after we disturbed them they stretched into a long line at least 3 feet long, thicker at the lead end. And crawling! They were just on the dirt. Disappeared after some hours and haven’t been seen again. It had not rained very recently, weather is warm.

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