15 comments on “Hoopes Reservoir Hike

  1. It has been closed for several reasons, including swimming and the dangers presented by such activities.

  2. I went to Vally Garden Park today and could see a Bald Eagle perched over the reservoir! Very exciting! Too bad we can’t get any closer, but I guess it’s for the best.

  3. Hi Joe – Is there a hike planned for 2016? Can’t find it on the DNS website. Thanks!

  4. Can you tell me the road the dam can be seen from? There used to be a parking area where you could sit in a chair watch the dam. I live out of state and would like to visit with the grand children in June 2016.
    Thank you,
    Sandy Callahan

  5. Hoopes Reservoir Dam isn’t really view-able from any public land that is accessible. You can sort of see the Dam from Barley Mill Road, but if you were sitting out there in a chair, you would have to be on the road, so it isn’t advised.

  6. Delaware Nature Society does not own Hoopes Reservoir, but we do weddings at the Ashland Nature Center.

  7. Do we close every body of water in delaware , of course not, Not nearly as dangerous as other areas. It is the playground for the rich people who live it around there and they just want it to themselves and keep the public out.

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