Farms to Food at Abbott’s Mill

By Jason Beale, Manager, Abbott’s Mill Nature Center

As environmental stewards and members of a species with high metabolisms, one of the most ecologically responsible things we can do is learn how and where our food is produced in order make informed consumer choices.  The acreage dedicated to agriculture throughout Delaware, the U.S., and the world is staggering.  Eating locally (being a “Localvore”) benefits your community, the local economy, and is generally more environmentally sound.

Grass-fed Cattle on pasture
Grass-fed Cattle on pasture

To kick off our seasonal “Farms to Food” series, we will be visiting the Miller Family Farm adjacent to the Lee Meadow at Abbott’s Mill.  The Millers raise a small herd of cattle using a grass-fed beef model.  This method is less resource intensive, mimicing the natural relationship between the grazer and grass to produce a leaner meat in a more humane manner.  They direct market to their customers strengthening the relationship between the consumer and the land that supports them. 


The Miller's direct market to customers
The Millers direct market to customers

The tour begins at Abbott’s Mill Nature Center (itself a former farm) with a short walk to the Miller Farm.  We’ll take a wagon ride tour of the farm to learn about grass-fed beef and the opportunities and challenges of small-scale farming.  The program will finish up at Abbott’s Mill with samples of grass-fed beef products.  Each participant will learn how to purchase beef from the Millers and recieve recipes for grass-fed beef, which is cooked a little differently due to the lower fat content. 

Our farming/agriculture theme will continue on March 18 as Abbott’s Mill holds “Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation.”  Participants will learn about mushroom biology and safety and make a shiitake log to grow your own mushrooms at home!

Shiitake "plug spawn" ready to inoculate chestnut oak logs
Shiitake "plug spawn" ready to inoculate chestnut oak logs

Program Info:

Farms to Food: Grass-fed Beef

Saturday, February 21st

10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Member/Non-Member $10/$15

Please call 422-0847 to register.

Shittake Mushroom Cultivation

Wednesday, March 18

7:00-9:00 pm

Member/Non-Member $25/$35

Please call 422-0847 to register

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